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Oliver George06:07:23

Having my first look at Malli today. Is there a s/assert equivalent? This is a CLJS project. I'd like nice errors while developing and elided asserts in production.


@olivergeorge no, there is not. would it make sense to make the instrumentation work with cljs? it’s just clj ATM. If someone has mad skills at cljs-interop, clj-kondo emitting and could be ported to cljs.

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Oliver George09:07:50

It's all new to me but I'll keep it in mind as I get more familiar with Malli.

Oliver George09:07:27

Adding a s/assert macro might be close to a copy/paste of cljs.spec.alpha/assert code. If it's considered useful/desirable.


I was looking for an s/assert equivalent as well - me in Clojure though, not CLJS


So from the little hint to i gather there is some similar functionality in there? I guess I'll have to look at it a bit closer