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Cool! Illl see if I can make it back in time


it was yesterday


but the talk is already on the tubes :)


Busy busy these days I miss everything

Pieter van der Merwe18:07:42

Hoi jongens, I don't want to spam you. I'm new in NL and just trying to find my way back to Clojure. If I don't get some Clojure work soon, I might need to face Java 😥 So, if you are looking to grow your Clojure team, do you have any objection to bring in an experienced Clojure developer from a consultancy to help you build awesome stuff?


@vandermerwe.pieter Welcome to post this here! There's also the #jobs and #remote-jobs channel where you can try your luck. On Reddit there's also the monthly "who is hiring" thread.