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Full stack Contract available Location - UK Based (Remote) Outside IR35 6Months Clojure Backend with some Clojurescript (80% Backend) Require candidates who are available >1 Month Message directly for more details


We are hiring a remote Senior Clojure engineer for the data enrichment team I work in at StatsBomb, to evolve our data processing pipeline using Clojure, Kafka and PostgreSQL. Part of the work will be figuring out how to implement rules / logic for (association) football events that are captured and processed in near-real time. There is also lots of data wrangling opportunities with SQL and Clojure on other systems the team manages. There is a tiny bit of Web UI work in ClojureScript and Reagent (which takes 5 minutes to learn) and some internal REST API's using reitit. Any experience at building a GraphQL API in Clojure would be of interest for the future, but really not essential at the moment (an off the shelf product is currently used). GraphQL is something the team (and most of the development world) still needs to learn more about :) Its a remote role although there seems to be a preference for UK based. StatsBomb is a profitable Startup based in Bath, UK and there is shared working space available if you just happen to live in the area. The team is currently 5 developers and has daily standups and a kanban board to manage work. We have retrospectives to talk about how we work and things we can improve and everyone's ideas are welcomed. Most of the communication is in slack or via jira tickets on the kanban board. There are several development teams across the company, some using Clojure or ClojureScript, others like data science using Python and some UI in JavaScript. There are some other roles for those teams on the StatsBomb Careers page. If you like wrangling data with Clojure then please apply or DM me here if you have questions. The "HR version" of the Job Spec is here for reference;source=statsbomb

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Is this the same as soccer? Or is it American football? I really don't know much about either ;)


And for those who don't see it on the click through:

Compensation £55,000 - £75,000


Hi all! We're looking for Clojure developers for our co-creation startup, Fluent. We are interested in hiring 3 developers. The company is based in Sweden, but 100% remote. More here:

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Btw we're also looking for a DevOps/SecOps superstar, preferably with Clojure experience! 🙂

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Very cool! :flag-se: clojure