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Martynas M13:07:46

Hey. Looking for a job. 🙂 Based in LT, Vilnius; My time zone is EEST. I did a Master's in Vilnius University and there I made a concept for a PoW blockchain for time locks of data (not coins). I also have this (it's also my github btw): And for more than the last year I tried to make my own SaaS app but I didn't have the experience and manpower to finish it. I have 7+ years of developing things.


Hi all! We're looking for Clojure developers for our co-creation startup, Fluent. We are interested in hiring 3 developers. The company is based in Sweden, but 100% remote. More here:

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Btw we're also looking for a DevOps/SecOps superstar, preferably with Clojure experience! 🙂

Drew Verlee18:07:47

FYI the roam link on the page has an extra https://. 🙂

Drew Verlee18:07:29

hmm so to be clear, your not hiring from the U.S?


StatsBomb, a startup based in the UK are hiring a Senior remote (preferably UK) Clojure engineer

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