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I see there is a new release out

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I'm doing a fix and will publish the changelog soon


Does that fix this for example clojure-lsp --version returning nothing?


Ah, I see there's an issue just opened for that


pushed to arch 🙂


This an issue on my end?

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I’m seeing the same @U050CT4HR looks like brew is trying to download from: but if I look at, I see: Maybe we should give @UKFSJSM38 a moment tho, he hasn’t even announced this release yet so probably still in progress.


let me check


Could you try again? the bot just made the commit on the brew tap


works now, thanks!

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clojure-lsp Released clojure-lsp 2021.08.16-19.02.30 focused on fixing a lot of issues and adding support for the new lein plugin 🚀 • General ◦ Fix wrong parse of source-paths for bb.edn when :paths contains symbols not only strings. ◦ Bump clj-kondo to fix a issue with clojure-lsp running in a lein process. • Editor ◦ Fix find-definition in jars for cljc files where the var is available on both cljs and clj files. ◦ Add clojure.core.async common vars to common-refers to be required via code action. ◦ Remove diagnostics when files are deleted, properly cleaning server. ◦ Don't add ns form to blank edn files. (c/c @seancorfield) ◦ Fix initializationOptions parsing for some clients. (kudos @nbtheduke) ◦ Fix refactor 'add missing refer' when there is already that namespace with a alias but no refers. ◦ Improve `:notify-references-on-file-change` performance and use-cases, still disabled by default for some time as it's a critical feature. • API ◦ Rollback printing only via CLI to work with API as well. (can be disabled via :raw? option) ◦ Support for release of lein-clojure-lsp Besides all these changes, it's now possible to use clojure-lsp API features easily via Leiningen with the new plugin 🚀 (for tools.deps the clojure-lsp.api ns is already enough 😉) For example, for cleaning the project namespaces, you just run:

$ lein clojure-lsp clean-ns 

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BTW, for those who want to give a try on that new feature of update the references when file change, just enable the :notify-references-on-file-change and let me know if any issues 🙂 c/c @U9A1RLFNV

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Oh, what's this feature about @UKFSJSM38?


@UR37CBF8D when you change for exmaple a function arity or name, clojure-lsp will lint/send updated diagnostics for the references of that function, making the project diagnostics updated helping find errors/arity warnings


the same if you change a function/var usage, updating the references lens of the function definition


Ah, as far as I know that already happens, right? Is it just going to be much faster this time?


Nope, this doesn't happen by default, you can try this, if you change a function foo to be bar, the references will not be linted warning to you that that function doesn't exists anymore


Unless you enable that flag


Oh yea, true. I guess I was talking about renaming/removing functions and seeing the references update BUT only within the same file


yeah, rename already works for references, but manual changes don't


Sweet! I'll try it out shortly. Also, clojure-lsp/clj-kondo is more useful to me than ever bc I recently got a new job writing Clojure. So, thanks @UKFSJSM38/@U04V15CAJ 🙂


Nice 😄 glad to hear it


Damn! It seems to work well. I'll be on the lookout for any performance issues. Thanks 🙂


Thank you for #515!

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