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After seeing @pez setup Gitpod for Calva for his Rich4Clojure repo, I wondered what would be involved in getting Clover working in Gitpod... starts up VS Code with Calva and Clover installed, with a modified config.cljs file in place (copied from the .clover folder in deps-new), starts a Socket REPL (on port 50505, puts that in .socket-repl-port so Clover can find it. I haven't figured out how to persist keybindings in a repo, but Gitpod seems to persist those itself (I'm assuming it uses your GitHub sign-in to somehow sync that across workspaces?).


Very cool!


Yes, I was testing GitPod on some of my projects too, it was working until I found out that there are some APIs they didn't yet support. Seems that's fixed now, then? 🙂


Yes, it is by default using VS Code now, and they are phasing out Theia.


BTW, I forgot to tell: I think Clover already works with Gitpod, right? Let me check on my test project and I'll update here


Yes, it does work, even with custom commands:


Yes, I think Clover even worked when Gitpod was using Theia. Which is extra cool in my book.


Yeah, all my repos are setup with Calva + Clover + Socket REPL and the setup copies in my custom commands, and I have my key map configured as well.


With the custom commands for Clover you have to copy the config file in at startup which took a couple of goes to get right (because the Clover config folder doesn't exist at that point). Right now I have that config file in each of my repos. e.g.,


(just added that to clj-new, depstar, honeysql, and next-jdbc as well)