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Shantanu Kumar20:08:27

Hi, this post mentions their "memoized DOM" being an order of magnitude faster than "virtual DOM" (and compares against React/Vue): Does anybody have comparative notes w.r.t. (immutability and) Reagent?


not sure exactly what you're asking, but reagent is a wrapper around React. so their comparison between the "memoized DOM" and the current version of React should read as the same for Reagent


that being said there's plenty more nuance to the problem then the way they are presenting it. the overhead of the virtual DOM is actually not that interesting IME


the virtual DOM can also allow more interesting things like prioritizing and slicing work up so that the page isn't blocked when you do have something computationally intensive going on, which isn't possible to do if you're doing direct dom manipulation

Shantanu Kumar20:08:34

@U4YGF4NGM The post mentions "Immutability", and not sure if their benchmark uses React in a mutable way. I'm guessing that would have performance implications. So, I wanted to find out if anybody has compared that with how it relates to Reagent.