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Deus Eks02:08:13

Good evening all: does anyone know if there is a library for clojure that basically does what the hanami xform ( ) function can do ? I love the way it does substitutions of value and wanted to get a library with JUST that functionality ? Does it exist ? if not…it’s ok.. i will use hanami for just that.. thanks3


How would you debounce a reagent input component, while still allowing use of a formatter & parser such as number->currency & currency->number respectively?


I found this tutorial, but it doesn't take into account that I would like to also use the :value prop for [:input in order to convert between the entered number 10000 to $ 100,000


Split the visual representation from the actual data being sent by using an additional internal ratom.

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Thanks, that solved the problem!

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Brandon Stubbs15:08:00

Is there any build tool that will allow me to statically generate a reagent or another lib page with hydration included? (similar to this ->