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Sal Tosti00:08:37

Hey all 👋, I recently created a web-based version of cljstyle. It’s built with ctmx and (obviously 😉) cljstyle. You can check it out at (many thanks to @greg316 and whamtet)

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Just released clj-test-containers 0.5.0. It contains some fixes to the documentation, added some type hints to prevent reflection warnings and upgraded to use Testcontainers 1.16.0, which brings better support for M1 Macs, improved startup time and some fixes:

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Mathieu Corbin16:08:38

I released a new version of Commentator, a free commenting system for your blog/website built in Clojure. This release brings a lot of improvements including multi website support. Commentator stores comments on any s3-compatible store (the app itself being completely stateless and so easy to deploy) and provides functionalities like a public/admin API to manage comments, an event system, an antispam and a rate limiter... The documentation is available at

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Calva’s is updated, taking the users much quicker to Interactive Programming (seconds), and trying to.quickly establish momentum. The easiest way to try it right now, if you are not a Calva user, is to use the zero-install option at and expand those I am new to Clojure/Calva info panes. (I am working on a more tailored-to-the-purpose repository for this, more on that tomorrow maybe.) It would be great if some people test it and give me feedback about what works and does not work.

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seancorfield23:08:26 -- a new, simpler way to create deps.edn projects, built on -- install (requires Clojure CLI or later!):

clojure -Ttools install com.github.seancorfield/deps-new '{:git/tag "v0.1.0" :git/sha "089d868"}' :as new
and then create an app:
clojure -Tnew app :name myname/myapp
Feedback appreciated in #deps-new (renamed from #clj-new but I'll be supporting clj-new in there as well).

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