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dave14:08:27 also provides handy [q, ]q, [Q and ]Q mappings for :cprevious, :cnext, :cfirst and :clast, respectively.


interesting stuff there!


also you can save the contents of quickfix to a file, and load them later (helpful for big refactors, it's often better to have a list of locations in a document rather than a shitload of ";; FIXME" comments to grep for)


vim-iced question: Has anyone experienced a situation where they run their app with clj and iced-vim e.g.

iced repl -A:your-alias
And everything starts fine, but then when you go to type anything in the terminal at the REPL prompt and press enter you just get ^M instead?


Hmm, I haven’t seen that and don’t now. Sorry 😕.


No worries! It could be a bunch of stuff and maybe none of it is related to vim-iced. Just thought I would ask 🙂

Noah Bogart00:08:51

Is this a readline issue?


with ^M that makes me think there's an OS line terminator issue too - ^M is how vim displays 0xD which is the carriage return character unix uses 0xA for line endings, windows uses 0xD 0xA


and before mac was unix, it used 0xD alone