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Figured most of the above, so for future readers (assuming your using CLJ CLI Tools) • Yes. Iced CLJS is going to automate the figwheel-main guide stuffs. This means that if you were not running the above manually then you will need to remove anything in your deps.edn alias that was running figwheel-main because Iced is going to be running it through the Figwheel API. e.g.

;; from this

{:dev {:extra-paths ... :other-config .... :main-opts ["-m" "--build" "dev" ...]}}

;; you just need

{:dev {:extra-paths ... :other-config ....}}


You know what would be neat when doing coc-references, with clojure-lsp, coc and instead of a quickfix window, it's a popup/floating window showing all the references!

Noah Bogart11:08:49

Is that a setting? I feel like I remember seeing a mention of that

dave15:08:17 might fit the bill there. Although I think that requires the Neovim built in LSP.


Ah, found a good answer here:


I have pop-ups for my references with a nice preview


(it's important, 'tho, that this is set to false (which is the default) in your coc settings "coc.preferences.useQuickfixForLocations": false)


quickfix is great though. You can use :cnext to jump through the list, do mass refactors with :cdo, etc. You're giving up a superpower!