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I was following alongside the to setup a polylith app. I got until the section for creating an uberjar - but get the warning: {:warning "could not find classpath entry", :path "src"} when running the build script. Do I have to be concerned about that or should I ignore it?

Karol Wójcik12:08:28

Yeah. Or add the empty paths []


Ah! That made it go away 🙂 thanks!


Exactly, you can just ignore that message. If I remember right, it’s depstar that complains. I guess it’s a valid warning, because almost all projects except Polylith projects have a :path at the root!


The warning is from tools.deps.alpha and it has a default :paths of ["src"] and will complain if that path does not exist. Having :paths [] is the correct way to suppress that message if you have no src folder -- but in this case it is safe to ignore the warning if you want.


There's a similar warning you can get from tools.deps.alpha which can be important: when writing the pom.xml file (using tools.deps.alpha), only the first entry in :paths is considered for the sources entry in the pom.xml file. If you have :paths ["src" "resources"] it will warn you that it ignores "resources". That's OK. But if you have :paths ["resources" "src"] it will warn you that it ignores "src" and you'll end up with your pom.xml file declaring that your resources folder is where the sources are, so you should pay attention to that warning and fix the order.


Thanks for sorting out this.


Thanks too for the elaborate answers. Very insightful! The warning was a bit too vague for me to understand, sadly