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I used / hacked on nailgun some 9y ago it was a pleasant experience, not sure if something has changed though these days I'm not much bothered by startup time. One can learn to tackle the problems that make restarting a JVM perceivedly necessary in the first place. Then your repl session can last weeks/months, as Sean C. shares over here from time to time :) Some random examples: run tests from the repl, learn to avoid defprotocol pitfalls, learn to avoid dangling resources, add abundant, commonly-used libs to the classpath (which doesn't affect startup time!) in advance

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I don't leave things running that don't need to be, that just wastes power


Starting up a REPL will consume more power than leaving it open, I believe - it makes your CPUs work full power to precompile things, prepare the runtime, etc...


To be 100% certain you'll have to measure, but if you're working with ClojureScript, you probably will have a REPL open all the time, right? If so, the cost of keeping it open, instead of closing everytime and starting again, will be lower


To be completely honest, I'm not even sure why do you think that keeping the REPL open "consumes more energy". I mean, keeping it open will not do anything...