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Ronny Li03:08:06

Hi everyone, I'm new to using the REPL so I just wanted to check if I'm doing everything correctly. I've got shadow-cljs and cursive so I followed I connect to the REPL just fine but it doesn't seem to be linked to my app. When I run (js/alert "foo") I don't see anything in the browser and doing @(rf/subscribe [:bar]) returns nil when I would expect it to contain values from the app-db. Any help would be appreciated!


@ronny463 check http://localhost:9630/runtimes. it should list your runtimes connected. there should be at least 2. how many do you have?

Ronny Li13:08:30

Hi Thomas, thanks for your help. I have 4 runtimes connected.


sorry so you have 2 runtimes for the :dev build. the REPL picks the one that connects first and evals there


btw :dev builds are an anti pattern in shadow-cljs. builds always represent the dev and release parts in one config


don't know why you have two runtimes though. do you load the code in an iframe or so?

Ronny Li00:08:11

Hi Thomas, thank you for your help. I had two windows open for localhost and my REPL was connected to the second one. Everything behaves as expected now 🙂

Ronny Li00:08:05

Also thank you for letting me know that the dev build is an anti-pattern. Going forward I'll rename :dev to :app