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Bit related to my earlier questions about completions, I couldn't find anything except a very brief mention from Slack years ago… has there been any discussion or thoughts about getting working with calva?


It should work, doesn’t it?


Uh, how? I couldn't find anything when I tried to google for it


Well, afaiu compliment is what is being used by cider-nrepl when we look for completions. Maybe I have that wrong. Can you elaborate on what it is you lack that you think compliment would provide?


I think cider-nrepl has it's inbuilt thing, which is being separated into the incomplete library


As to what it provides, not sure! But it sure does get mentioned as the… ah… most complete completion system for clojure


And it's supported in pretty much every relevant editor except calva and cursive


Kinda intrigued to set it for neovim to give it a spin :thinking_face:


Well, at least compliment is listed as leveraged by cider-nrepl here.


Hm hm. I'm not quite yet at the point where I would really dig in to the source an see what' exactly is happening with calva and completion, all the way through the stack. But getting closer.


It’s pretty straightforward. Calva sends the complete op to the nREPL server which is assumed to use cider-nrepl to perform it. It’s handled here: Where you can see that it is really compliment that takes care of it.


I am still curious about what it is you are missing from Calva’s completions? Because whatever it is, it can’t be compliment. 😃


The biggest problem is how it just refuses to complete without writing more than I'd like. And often it doesn't seem to complete from required namespaces, until it at some point starts doing it. It somehow feels like it's just not completing to what I want, but I can't put my finger on it exactly (not that I have tried to examine it very rigorously) and I guess I was hoping for an easy solution by potentially switching the completion engine.


One of the best things I like about it is how it does complete to things that do not exist in my code, or any required namespaces, but only in the repl. For example when exploring databases, it makes it much, much handier to drill into the results


I think we can fix some of those. You should file an issue about it.


Oh, ok. I had the impression that the problem is somewhere below (or is it above :?) calva


Hm, that should have been a different thread. I'll move it.


I think the issue is in Calva.


I'm attempting to jack in from a deps.edn project. Up until yesterday, everything was fine. This morning, when I try to jack in, I'm getting the following: Error building classpath. zip END header not found zip END header not found at java.base/$Source.zerror( at java.base/$Source.findEND( ... Jack-in process exited. Status: 1 Since this started today, and I've changed nothing about the deps.edn file, I have no idea about why this is happening. Any suggestions?


Well, it started working again. I have no idea why.


Super strange, @fadrian! It doesn’t seem to be something coming from Calva, but with things like that, who knows...


Dear Calva friends, it’s that time of year again, can we have some attention, comments, thumbs up on this VS Code issue, please? It would enable us to create super awesome evaluation experiences. Thanks in advance 🙏

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