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This Friday, we’re doing our first office hours (spreekuur)! From 10:00 - 11:00 Amsterdam time you can come in and talk to @joost-diepenmaat and @remco about anything. - page is in Dutch, we can do any other language as long as it’s English 😄 - link to the meet is

George Silva14:10:29

Wow such an interesting concept! Any chance it will be recorded or any previous meeting available?


hi @U020U1YDMMK - thanks for the kind words. We’re just starting so it’s going to be exciting to see who (if anyone) is going to show up. We plan to do one-on-one, private conversations, so providing recordings does not really fit in the scheme. But we may revisit that depending on what these meetings look like in reality :-)

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George Silva16:10:16

Wow, even more interesting. I was considering this was kinda like an open-mic thing, where someone would talk about a certain topic and would just enroll. The time for me is not really good, but hoping this comes to fruition!


Quick update since that was only mentioned in Dutch - we will be meeting one-on-one in order to give people some freedom to talk about sensitive topics. so you may have to wait for a bit before being allowed in the meeting.