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Dear Clojurians, Half a year ago I embarked on a journey into the Clojure space. I co-founded a startup and I bet our entire tech stack on Clojure. I have never before experienced such a helpful attitude in a programming community. Every time i stumbled upon an issue, I never felt alone and there was quickly someone there to help. Thanks to people like @rupert, @p-himik, @borkdude, @thheller, @deleted-user and many more who keep this community thriving. This has helped our company;utm_medium=job-post launch our MVP and get accepted into an accelerator.聽 Now it鈥檚 time to give back and expand the Clojure community even more with this job offering:

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Jordan Geduld16:10:08

Senior Front-end ClojureScript Developer wanted: 聽 For a client in the Eindhoven region I am looking for a Senior Front-end developer with extensive experience with React. In addition, various techniques are used, including ClojureScript. Experience is important if you are willing to pick up this technique. 聽 As a new team member, the client asks for leadership skills and an opinion about the possibilities offered by the various front-end technologies. 聽 The customer is different looking for a team player who can take the next level up to and including the three developers. 聽 The contract is for a minimum of 6 months with an option to extend. With a final start date of 15 November, an earlier start may be possible. 聽 Do you have experience in: 聽 路 Software development minimum 5 years. 路 Managing a Development Team. 路 Functional programming 路 With various JavaScript frameworks including VueJS from Angular. Do you manage: 路 English and Dutch speaking and in writing properly 路 Anticipate alternative solutions and thoroughly thoroughly. 路 The independent delivery of solutions for large, complex solutions. 路 The qualities of an excellent team player. 路 problem-solving and analytical skills. 路 Coaching skills for multiple Junior team members. 聽 Please contact me at: <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> / 0654300916 聽 Yours sincerely, Jordan Geduld

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Is this a remote position?

Jordan Geduld07:10:24

Partially remote, one day at the office

Jeff Evans16:10:18

probably should just be in #jobs then? I believe this channel is only for 100% remote positions

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it definitely shouldn't be in remote-jobs if it requires office work 馃檪