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Rachel Westmacott10:10:33

Minor issue: defs with names containing $ e.g. (defn fmt-$ [my-amount] ...) seem to not be visible to cursive. Perhaps a regex issue on the name?


i think i've encountered that $ issue too, but im not 100% sure.


Interesting, I’ll check that out and see if I can reproduce it.

Rachel Westmacott10:10:27

Minor issue 2: Extend Selection (Ctrl+W by default I believe) is inconsistent in this case (thing "string"|) (where | is the caret). Compare this to the case where "string" is anything other than a string to see the inconsistency, e.g. a number, symbol or collection literal.

Rachel Westmacott10:10:53

Major issue: Cursive is great and more people should be using it.

cursive 3

there is no space printed after reader tags in the cursive REPL pane. on a terminal REPL there is a space after reader tags. is it like that for others too? is that intentional? is there a configuration option somewhere which affects this?

#inst "2020"
=> #inst"2020-01-01T00:00:00.000-00:00"

@(def my-rmap (rmap my-data-map))
=> {:foo #rmap/rval??, :bar #rmap/rval??}


I don’t think it’s intentional, and I don’t think there’s a config flag for it. Does it affect anything or is it just an aesthetic issue?


it's just a readability issue; hasn't interfered with anything else so far. i was just updating rmap docs, so i was copy-pasting from the REPL to a README and that's why it became a temporary annoyance.


@cfleming I'm seeing quite frequently some issues with IntelliJ/Cursive and rendering. I can't exactly tell you when the problem starts, but at some point i get some strange highlighting in forms. As i scroll through the document with my cursor, it looks like the font-weight changes. Only restarting the IDE seems to fix it. I can try to make a video to highlight the problem, but it's very unpredictable. Have you ever seen anything like it? I think this happens after the laptop has been sleeping / resuming activities a few time (FWIW, MBP 2019 16", using always the dedicated graphics card)


sent you a mail with the video


I'm using Cursive on MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) for a few years and never experienced issues with font weight changing unexpectedly. I'm on macOS Big Sur 11.6 (20G165) at the moment, but used both release and EAP versions of intellij with earlier macOS versions too. I also used IntelliJ on external non-HiDPI and HiDPI screens; no issues. Font weight specifically (and even font style) can change depending some settings in your theme for highlighted parenthesis pairs, so that's something which can be unexpected while u r scrolling by changing your cursor position. I hope these statements might trigger some ideas, like looking for suspicious IntelliJ extensions or having some graphics related kernel extension (like SwitchResX) or screen sharing software or some unusual font, which triggers some edge cases in the font rendering engine.


are you using the official JetBrains JDK or some generic, off the shelf one? because i've seen crazy behaviour on non-jetbrains patched JDKs.


@U0AD3JSHL I’ll reply over here so that others can see the conversation. Unfortunately I’ve never seen anything like that. Are you on the IntelliJ EAP? I’ve sometimes found the font rendering to be worse in the EAPs but it’s generally fixed in time for the release. I’d suggest filing a YouTrack issue at, JetBrains are usually pretty responsive over there.


And yes, definitely use the JetBrains JDK in case you’re not for some reason.


@U086D6TBN yeah i understand, there's something going on because restarting IntelliJ fixes this behavior. @cfleming yeah running on EAP, but this is not something new. It's occurring more often now

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@U0AD3JSHL Definitely time for a YouTrack issue then, I think.

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once i've restored a macos installation from a time machine backup (iirc moved the setup from a macbook to an imac) and i've experienced very strange behaviours. certain shortcuts just didn't work. the font rendering was different too and i couldn't get into the bottom of it, so i've ended up reinstalling the system (which i hardly ever do...) just saying, to add to the list of oddities, which might lead to unique/rare experiences.

Colin P. Hill20:10:51

Does Cursive have any features to support transforming a :refer :all require into one that uses an alias? And if not, what’s the best way to submit a feature request? Would be a nice complement to the existing “Rename…” support for namespace aliases.


There’s an old issue here requesting the opposite, with a comment that both directions would be nice. I’m planning to do some work on general namespace manipulation soon.

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