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Is there a nice way to somehow record what I'm doing with calva to show the interaction in a issue/ticket? Or are people just using generic screen capture tools?


Exactly like in that ticket pez linked above. I guess it's not calva specific, but something on vscode level


Depending on the type of recording I need I either use generic tools (Shift+Ctrl+Cmd+5 on Mac) or Gif Brewery. The latter is what I used in the ticket above. It is perfect for just capturing a part of the screen into a perfectly smooth GIF. I often combine with VS Code’s Screencast mode. And then I prefer to use my own version of it from


That Chronicle extension looks super interesting! I’ll give it a shot next time I record anything.


What's the name of that command s-c-cmd-5 command, I could see if it's in the palette on linux?


It’s a MacOS thing. Sorry, I wasn’t clear about that.


Ah, I see. Heh


Gif Brewery seems like a mac thing too 😉


But yeah. Nothing builtin, then. I'll see about some generic tools that would let me capture a small portion of the screen. Or I'll just resize the whole editor to a reasonably small size and go with Chronicler


Greenshot worked well for me on Windows. On Linux I used Peek


Thanks for the hint!

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I just noticed that Calva 2* has 54624 installs from the marketplace. We missed celebrating 50K, so I’m celebrating this one instead. 😃

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calva 7

(*) Calva 2. That’s the Calva you are probably using. Some two years ago I replaced the original Calva extension, because reasons, and it reset the download count to zero (from above 50K, actually). It also reset all the the many 5 star reviews Calva 1 had, which makes it extra nice to look at the reviews list today and see that we have almost recovered.


Congrats! I'm a measly 54,517 installs behind you with Tutkain. 🤪

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Seriously though, that's an impressive number, and it shows what a boon Calva is to the Clojure ecosystem. 👏

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Chris S16:10:26

Apologies for the super-noob question, but what key-combo do I use to get a REPL on VSC on Mac?


That depends on your project and wether it is running or not and such. If you just want a REPL you can do cmd+shift+p to bring forward the command palette and then search startrepl to find *Start* a standalone *REPL* (not in project). See for a more complete range of options.

Chris S17:10:38

What do I do with this pop-up?


Click the button?

Chris S17:10:46

the open the docs button? I can do that :-=>


I think I should remove that pop-up. The VIM Extension isn’t as incompatible with Calva as it used to be.

Chris S20:10:44

ah … good plan! Should I disable the VIM extension? This one:


If you aren’t using it, you may want to disable it to prevent it from causing any weird occurrences during your Calva usage. If you are using it, it may not cause many problems after all, according to @U0ETXRFEW. (I have not used it.)


I should try the plugin. After four months of calva, I'm still missing vim macros almost daily 😕

Chris S19:10:17

@U9A1RLFNV: thank you! @U8ZQ1J1RR: what vim macro do you miss most?


I mean the functionality where I can macro a set of commands. Stuff like moving to line end, deleting a word, entering some text, moving to beginning, adding stuff, moving one line down. And then repeat that 10 times


They are not macros that you put in config and then can only use for that one thing

Chris S19:10:26

@U8ZQ1J1RR Thanks; I understand better now …


Multi-cursors cover a bit of that use case, I think.


A bit, yeah


But with VIM I can do stuff like "from this row to this row, inc the integer value here and here", or "paste the value from clipboard here, and then cut the value that was there to the clipboard" (so moving one part of the line to the next line, for example)


I’ve been using vi and then Vim for 30+ years. I agree it is fantastic. I have only once, though, found a Vim plugin for some other editor that has brought me the Vim experience w/o messing things up. The exception is evil mode in Emacs. That is amazing. Though it brings all of Emacs in as well. A bit like reaching for the banana, and getting with it the gorilla that is holding the banana and also the Jungle that the gorilla is holding on to. The Vim extension for VS Code is a fantastic creation, but I think it will suffer from the limitations of the VS Code API. I would probably go for the NeoVIM extension, which I think takes a saner approach, if it wasn’t that I am done with hybrid editing paradigms. I paste my text in Vim when I think it is quicker to do some particular edit that way.