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How can I edit the REPL history in Calva?


You can only clear it, with Calva: Clear REPL History.


Not even manually? Like pointing me to the file where the history is stored. I have a lot of duplicate entries I want to remove


The history is stored in workspaceState, which is provided by the VS Code extension API: I’m not sure how to edit that, but it must be persisted somewhere since the history is retrievable after closing and reopening VS Code.


I don’t see info there on how to modify it though, or know if it’s intended to be modifiable. Anyway, I think what might also solve your problem is if Calva deduplicated the history entries. Like if the history was [1 2 2] now, it could be [1 2] if deduplicated. However, it probably would only make sense to deduplicate entries next to each other. So [1 2], if 1 were added, would be [1 2 1].


Anyway, if you wanted to create a PR for that by chance, that would be welcome. simple_smile


The 44th marketplace review on Calva just in. It took me two minutes to dare open it. Would it be the first sub-5 rating? It wasn’t. It was the 44th five-star rating, and with a wonderful review message. “instrumental to my Clojure learning experience”. Wow, that is so much what we work for! I’m such a happy puppy now! gratitude ❤️ 🙏;ssr=false#review-details

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Also. A new Calva out, v2.0.214: • • Fix: It’s pretty awesome to jack a bb or nbb REPL in to the file you have opened. Try it! Also thanks @ariel for upgrading deps.clj! 🙏

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