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What makes CIDER decide something is a particular project?


I have two separate repls (connected to two separate processes) and it doesn't think they're in the same project (C-c M-o doesn't work as a result).


Hmm, what it actually says is "No other REPL in current session" ... so maybe both connections need to be to the same port or something.


I'm reading the "managing connections" part of the manual ...


Ok, figured it out! My fault for using cider-cljs-connect instead of cider-cljs-sibling-connect.


I'm having the issue that my CLJS REPLs always stay in pending state - only related issue I found is this: but it does not seem to apply, as there are no invalid ns declarations in the project. I'm using cljs-connect after starting a shadow watch job on the command line which starts the nREPL on 7002. CIDER then asks me to select either shadow or shadow-select, where I choose shadow and then am prompted to choose a build. The weird thing is, after the REPL buffer comes up, when I connect to the app, I can actually issue (js/alerts) and access the app state, but the REPL buffer never associates to the code buffers and the buffer name always has the pending-cljs in it


somewhat interestingly, when I start the REPL with jack in and shadow everything works out fine -> so maybe I am doing with the connect wrong?


Thanks for the report! It doesn't sound like low-hanging fruit so feel free to forward the issue over GH


uh damn - I was hoping someone was having a related issue at some point and knew some likely targets, but I'll see if I can set up a minimal example

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