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Hey @lilactown I've got another question about component optimizing and helix props objects. For context, I'm trying to optimize a big page which is backed by a good size map with nested maps and lists etc. I know I've got my own inefficiencies that I'm squashing but I'm back to wondering about the helix props map triggering re-renders... I was trying out this seemingly popular react library and it seems to be pointing to something I brought up a couple weeks ago. I think most/all of my helix components are always re-rendering b/c the helix props object is always referentially different. Here's what the lib displays in console:


When I run the react profiler it also looks like every component is re-rendering but with minimal render time. Is this maybe intended and/or OK cause react handles that efficiently? If I memo with = this goes away but I've seen your comments about how that's a bit of a sledge hammer