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Karol W贸jcik07:10:15

I'm looking for volunteers that would like to test the new version of holy-lambda and arm64 compilation 馃檪 EDIT: I have already tested it, so it should work, but I need somebody with the real M1 Mac.


I would but I'm too busy with other work. Sorry

Karol W贸jcik10:10:03

No worries. I have tested it with the help of friend from Retailic. Deploying now the arm64 native lambda. Keep fingers crossed 馃檪

Dan Abrams18:10:49

I can try it this weekend if you need.

Karol W贸jcik18:10:02

I already have it working. This is great, since Graviton promises some performance improvements + from the next release the M1 users can use HL with ease. Actually we鈥檙e seeing a cold start of 500ms on avg for the full rest api backend based on holy lambda, ring, muuntaja, reitit, clj-http, aero, integrant, next.jdbc, nippy, nano-id,pathom3 at Retailic. This is awesome compared to the number of libraries we are using.