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Rudy Tjin13:10:58

Hi everyone! The company I work for is looking for Clojure(script) developers of all levels. Company is based in the Netherlands and we are willing to help with relocation and maybe starting up as a remote (as a contractor). We work remotely right now and I don’t think that will change to fully on-site. Frontend Developer: Backend Developer: Architect: We use Reagent/reframe/datascript in frontend, and integrant, psql, kafka in the backend. Fussball skills are a big plus. We are an easy going team with lots of banter 🙂 Send me a message if you have any questions

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We also have a #clojure-nl channel :)

Rudy Tjin07:10:17

thanks for the heads up! will post it there too!


Hi everyone, Polecat are looking for another Clojure engineer. The role is open to all levels of Clojure experience - if you are doing currently another language but want make the leap into full-time Clojure, this could be the role for you. It is 100% remote, open to UK and Polish applicants. The salary range is £50-70K. We analyse the media impact of big organisations to show them how different topics affect their reputation. This is a fast growing market as more and more organisations start to take Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns seriously. Please see more details and apply at this link, or feel free to DM me for any questions. I'll describe our culture, our tech stack, and the hiring process in the thread below.

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Tech stack: Kafka, ElasticSearch, Datomic, GraphQL We ingest tens of millions of documents per day into our stream processing pipeline, using our scoring algorithms and machine learning models to transform public internet mentions of company into web-based dashboards, reports, data exploration tools and alerts informing customers about how they are being represented and perceived. Culture: We have a culture of listening to engineers and taking time to produce great quality code. We don't want to be just a feature factory that racks up the technical debt; we believe that quality engineering is the foundation of a successful product. We also believe strongly in Building the Right Thing, and our engineers actively participate in the decision-making process. We also try to be very open as a principle. Hiring process: 1. First a 15-30 minute audio call to talk about the role and company, gauge a candidate's technical level with some quick questions, and answer any questions the candidate might have 2. Then a 2 part video call interview, each part 45-60 mins. Part A is behavioural questions, part B is technical, starting with some logic puzzles questions and then we ask the candidate to pair with a senior dev to implement a non-trivial function in a language they're comfortable with (preferably a functional one, but not necessarily).


What else might be useful to know? It's a small company and team, only 35 people in the business, of whom 15 work on the product. Good if you like the energy and autonomy that comes with working at small companies. We're mostly based in South West UK, and have regular (optional) social events in the Bristol area. We're 100% remote - used to be hybrid remote, but just before the UK went into its first lockdown in 2020 we made the decision to switch to remote, and have made it permanent.

Jordan Geduld15:10:36

Senior ClojureScript Front-end Developer gezocht: Voor een klant in de regio Eindhoven ben ik opzoek naar een Senior Front-end developer met ruime ervaring met React. Daarnaast wordt er gebruik gemaakt van verschillende technieken waaronder ClojureScript. Ervaring hierin is van belang of de welwillendheid om deze techniek op te pakken.  Als nieuw teamlid vraagt de klant leidinggevende vaardigheden en een uitgesproken mening over de mogelijkheden die de verschillende front-end technologieën bieden. De klant is opzoek naar een teamplayer dat het team naar het volgende niveau kan tillen en de drie andere developers op sleeptouw kan nemen. De opdracht is minimaal 6 maanden met optie op verlenging. Met een uiterlijke startdatum vanaf 15 november, eerder starten is wellicht mogelijk. Heb jij ervaring in: · Software development minimaal 5 jaar. · Aansturen van een Development team. · Functioneel programmeren · Met verschillende JavaScript frameworks waaronder VueJS of Angular. Beheers jij: · Engels en Nederlands zowel mondeling als schriftelijk · Anticiperen op technische uitdagingen, het onderzoek op alternatieven en afwegingen grondig. · Het zelfstandig aanleveren van oplossingen voor grote, complexe uitdagingen. · De kwaliteiten van een uitstekende teamspeler. · Uitstekende probleemoplossende en analytische vaardigheden. · Coachende vaardigheden voor meerdere Junior teamleden. Neem dan contact met mij op via: <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> /  0654300916 Met vriendelijke groet, Jordan Geduld

Scott Griffin21:10:27

Hi everyone, The company I work for, RentPath, is looking to hire more developers, especially for Clojure, Elixir, and React/JavaScript! Positions are 100% remote (U.S.). RentPath is a leading digital marketing solutions company that empowers millions nationwide (U.S.) to find apartments and houses for rent. The Clojure team at RentPath is currently utilizing well-known technologies, including Kafka, ElasticSearch, Big Query, and Azure to rapidly transform and process large amounts of data, and has some new and exciting projects coming in the future! A link to the Clojure posting follows: Other Eligible Openings at ◦ Senior (Non senior developers are welcome, and encouraged to apply ) Message me directly if you have any questions. When you apply, remember to add my name to the application form.

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Is it US-only-remote or worldwide-remote?

Scott Griffin15:10:39