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Lucy Wang04:10:14

Hi there, clj-statecharts, the state machine and statecharts library for clojure/clojurescript, has released 0.1.1 . This release updated the version of malli to 0.6.2 to fix . Thanks @jacob.maine for pointing this out!

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:10:22

nice! What are your thoughts about cutting a 1.0 release?

Lucy Wang10:10:16

@U0522TWDA Well, there are still quite some features that I consider adding, e.g. history states, final states, so I need to think more about that 🙂

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I think “xstate for clojure” is a very important addition to the clojure development story, and implementation so far is very promising. Hoping to see a community around this.


jet v0.1.0 jet Convert between JSON, EDN and Transit on the command line with a query language akin to jq or using regular Clojure. The new version now comes with camel snake kebab conversions for keys.

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