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It turns out that this bug was filed in 2015. This unfortunately contributes to the impression that core.async isn't actively maintained. Maybe I can try to take a look at some point, if I can get approval from my company to contribute.

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the cljs side could use someone who uses it looking at it, but it is very tricky because some of the implementation choices in cljs, including #js make things very opaque for the analysis core.async has to do for the code transformation

hiredman16:10:37 lists core.async as "under active regular development" but that doesn't seem to jive with observations


do you mean js* rather than #js ?


the code transforms for clojure and clojurescript are completely different code, so fixes often need porting from one to the other, and it is rare that someone uses both


and the cljs code is still a hand rolled analyzer while the clojure side is using tools.analyzer


even small innocuous stuff like just kinds of sits there unless you beat the drum to get it merged


and larger stuff like, who knows, (and ASYNC-234 just touches the clojure side, the work likely needs to addressed again on the cljs side)

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