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Would anyone be interested in a intellij portal plugin? :thinking_face:

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Nothing ready for production, but I do have a proof of concept 👌

R.A. Porter21:10:28

Oh, hell yes. 🙏


When I've talked about Portal (on Twitter and on here), I've had a couple of folks ask about using it with Cursive so I'm sure there would be interest. I bet if you asked in the #cursive channel, you'd get a lot of positive responses.

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R.A. Porter21:10:24

I'd love to halve the number of windows I need to run and not need to use different themes to quickly distinguish which portal instance is connected with which repl.

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@U01GXCWSRMW In VS Code, with the Portal extension, I set the window title to the home directory of the JVM instance so I can see in the tab which Portal window belongs to which REPL.

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I would love this

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it would be an amazing leap forward in productivity!

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Hell yes!

Steve Lombardi19:10:57

Yes that would be a very welcome addition to my workflow.

Steve Lombardi19:10:22

Assuming an Emacs distro doesn't steal me away 😂 (I'm exploring what else is out there).

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@UR0KX1MRT I'm also exploring that route and after a lot of hand-twisting with Spacemacs and Doom Emacs, I started my own, from scratch config, so I can understand what package is doing what exactly: still, it's a lot of work to arrive to something remotely as convenient as IntelliJ+Cursive. Everything is a little less convenient or feel illogical in Emacs out of the box, but in exchange, you can also tweak everything to your liking, with a lot less effort, than writing an IntelliJ, VS Code or practically any other kind of editor plugin. That's how I could summarize my experience...