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I was using a in a clerk notebook, and was wondering if there was a way of ensuring that its was stopped when the var holding it was reevaluated?


you can opt out of caching for individual forms using :clerk/no-cache metadata on the var or form


these forms will then get run every time


if that doesn't help in your case a small repro notebook would be great

Space Guy17:10:29

I tested out Enlive (XML query) from tutorial: Using version "0.1.179" 1. A map {:tag "html" :attrs {:lang "en" :op "news"}} is displaying incorrect {:attrs [...] :attrs {:lang "en" :op "news"}} , from both "page" and "select-keys" 2. Long scrollbar on the large result - some parts have lazy-loading [...] blocks but it's not after a consistent number of levels of nesting 3. When the large result is on the page, a change to any expression incl (+ 1 2) takes 5-6 seconds to re-render, even though it is "evaluated in 50ms" on file change


We've got fixes for all three issues, will cut a release (early 🤞) next week


thanks for reporting them


I'll also make sure to try with enlive


Should be (all?) fixed in 0.2.209