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Mark Wardle08:10:34

Dear all, I'd like to subcontract some paid (open source) clojure dev work but not sure where the best place to post to find interested people. Not really a job per se but discrete packages of work. The current priorities relate to a) websockets for a re-frame based front end and pathom based backend (ie graph queries and events) and b) CI/CD - I hate managing deployment but thinking s3/managed PostgreSQL and ec2/lightsail.


Considering it’s payed work, I think here and #remote-jobs are probably the best channels on Slack.

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I forgot to mention that...


Some indication of how much work is involved / expected capacity would be useful if you’re dealing with it in small chunks. i.e. indication of X days work / month for Y months.

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Mark Wardle12:10:55

Thanks, that's great advice.


Longer discussions are probably better suited to #jobs-discuss