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babashka v0.6.4 - a fast starting Clojure scripting environment babashka • Add `` and ``. This adds compatibility with • Fix mapping for `babashka.fs/unzip` • Pods: support metadata in pod vars, like docstrings ( • babashka.curl: support `:follow-redirects false` ( • Add support for `--init` as a file to be loaded before evaluation actions ( • Bump rewrite-clj to v1.0.699-alpha ( • Fix `BABASHKA_FEATURE_POSTGRESQL` feature flag, initialize `java.sql.SQLException` build time • Deps.clj: upgrade to tools version `` and include new `DEPS_CLJ_TOOLS_VERSION` environment variable to use older or newer tools jar.

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A weird (but cool) announcement: lilactown/autonormal has been renamed to town.lilac/pyramid. • Why the rename? I didn't like the old one. • What does the new name mean? I just like it. I probably won't do this again, it was a bit of a hassle. pyramid is a Clojure(Script) library for doing cool things with graphs made of Clojure data. It provides the same capabilities as autonormal before: • Normalize your data for you, allowing datascript-like accretion of facts about entities over time with just a simple Clojure map! • Use to pull information out of deeply nested maps with blazing speed! You might be asking, "What do I get by using this new name, anyway?" Glad you asked. The latest version of pyramid includes a brand new capability: an experimental engine for querying your pyramid db (a map in normal form) using datascript-like "datalog" queries. Perfect for exploring a db from a REPL. Get the latest here: Questions, comments, suggestions can be made in #pyramid. Bug reports go in github.

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it is funny that many people at the same time come across similar problems and find identical solutions


a lot of people are disappointed with the way datascript works on the frontend and it is very good that things are emerging to replace it

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@U4YGF4NGM have you tested the performance of datalog queries compared to datascript?


I've been also following @U0BBFDED7’s Really wish there was a matrix of all the options in this space.


very little benchmarking so far


also watching doxa 🙂 was an inspiration to provide basic datalog-ish query support for pyramid


also huge shout out to @U051N6TTC who helped me get over some big hurdles early on in understanding how a query engine like this even should work 😄

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@U051N6TTC is wonderful and her work on #asami invaluable

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I imagine, given my current approach to parsing and resolving queries, that any speed improvements pyramid.query has over datascript will go away as I add more features. Only time will tell, though.


the biggest use case for pyramid (for me) is still doing fast EQL queries


Like I said in the announcement, I found the datalog-ish queries immensely helpful when debugging and exploring a large db


I hope nobody makes a pyramid scheme with this library 😅

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I thought scheme was renamed to racket?

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it seems like any programming language could use a library like this


@U4YGF4NGM q performance is not bad for the first version, looks like it will be great library


exciting times, seems like we need something like for local normalized database maps 😛

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@U0BBFDED7 "it is funny that many people at the same time come across similar problems and find identical solutions" Like you made a =>> six months before I did with injest/=>>, and it does a very similar thing. Had no idea 😆


I have seen the injest and it looks much better than I did


Well, I think yours has more optimizations which are interesting... Slightly different use-case I think. I plan to mention your lib in the reference section, seeing how similar in spirit it is.


In danzig I simply assume that we have a collection of maps, so I use native methods to deal with them and avoid reflection


I recommend you take a look at the @UQ58AKW0J code


or on @UK0810AQ2, who suffers from benchmarkosis 🙃

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For sure, I've been picking their brains. They've been helpful


> I thought scheme was renamed to racket? @U7RJTCH6J How am I just now realizing the pun here!? 🤯

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Karol Wójcik20:10:25

A new release of holy-lambda v0.6.0: holy-lambda Holy Lambda is a library + set of utils that provide an extremely fast AWS Lambda runtime for Clojure. The release introduces new features and improvements to existing ones; fixes some long-standing bugs, and improves the dev experience. Few important changes: • support arm64 architecture for Native/Clojure backend, which means you can now develop lambdas on M1 🙂 • dependencies for Clojure & Native backend are not longer downloaded to local .holy-lambda directory, • compilation to .jar is now handled via :compile-cmd key and happens locally. No more adding local libraries via docker volumes. Also one may use arbitrary uberjaring tool now, • HL now distributes docker images with GraalVM + native-image included (See, • new arm64 runtime for babashka has been introduced, which means even lower cold starts! If you're already on holy-lambda v0.5.0 check a See the full changelog For more information/questions visit #holy-lambda channel.

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