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Seems weird to look for a job but be specific about the programming language you want to use. Like saying I paint houses, but I only do orange paint. Do you need your house or a room painted orange?

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I'd argue that the choice of language is much more analogous to your paintbrush and other tools than to the color of paint Obviously someone skilled in a craft can still get work done with different tools, but being able to choose and rely on the tools you're most effective with is one of the perks of being a craftsperson

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don't forget that using a programming language isn't only the syntax. consider the ecosystem and community that you'll want to deal with on a regular basis

Mateusz Mazurczak09:11:20

It's more about specializing in something. It's good to know about different types of architecture. But it's not a bad thing if you want to build houses and focus on that instead of also building bridges, shopping centers etc.


oh idk, Clojure seems a pretty good filter for keeping some sanity in the workplace also building mastery in a specific thing for a long time seems a nice recipe, rich has a quote about that

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