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Has anyone had any luck getting language injection to work in strings? Specifically, I'd love to get GraphQL highlighting, even if I have to specify language with comment.


I believe this was discussed here in the context of data readers:

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Ian Fernandez19:10:51

Hi, I'm having problems on configuring a leiningen project that has projects inside it

Ian Fernandez19:10:58

Error reading ...../project.clj
			Cannot run program "clojure" (in directory "...,"): error=2, No such file or directory
			error=2, No such file or directory

Ian Fernandez20:10:04

getting this error

Ian Fernandez20:10:29

when I'm configuring the modules on project structure top level module is not being detected as a leiningen project, even having project.clj when I click on the module with right button and add this

Ian Fernandez20:10:43

it gives me that error


@d.ian.b, I’ve seen this error a number of times when using the lein-tools-deps plugin for lein. It’s a path issue with how intellij is executing the lein command, in some environment where the clojure program isn’t findable. You can fix it by setting an executable path option in the lein settings:

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Ian Fernandez20:10:56

i'll try to do that


Cross posting this here for those who might be interested:

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i've commented on the original thread. we would love to see this. we used reveal from time to time, but it was a little bit heavy and it's definitely annoying that it opens a separate window.