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hmm, only Patreon? x)


@ Unfortunately, this is the only option that works where I live.


Periodic reminder that a searchable archive of this Slack-team can be found at Clojurians-Zulip: It goes back to Feb of this year (and gains approx. 4700 msg/week). If a Slack-channel is not showing up there, make sure to add @zulip-mirror-bot to said Slack-channel (ie /invite @zulip-mirror-bot). Followup in #community-development (here or on Zulip). Enjoy!


I’ve been working on this recently, which simulates the S3 and SQS APIs. This release (0.1.7) is probably “good enough” for me to announce it.


The reason I wrote this was to do some exploration on some cool storage systems that came out recently, and seeing if using S3 as the storage backend would be a viable option, since S3 storage is so inexpensive. Datahike on S3/DDB:; Crux on S3/SQS:


There is quite a lot of the S3 API still left to implement, but the basics are all there, and seem to work well with the Cognitect AWS client.