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hmm, only Patreon? x)


@UH2S6LS86 Unfortunately, this is the only option that works where I live.


Periodic reminder that a searchable archive of this Slack-team can be found at Clojurians-Zulip: It goes back to Feb of this year (and gains approx. 4700 msg/week). If a Slack-channel is not showing up there, make sure to add @zulip-mirror-bot to said Slack-channel (ie /invite @zulip-mirror-bot). Followup in #community-development (here or on Zulip). Enjoy!

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I’ve been working on this recently, which simulates the S3 and SQS APIs. This release (0.1.7) is probably “good enough” for me to announce it.

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The reason I wrote this was to do some exploration on some cool storage systems that came out recently, and seeing if using S3 as the storage backend would be a viable option, since S3 storage is so inexpensive. Datahike on S3/DDB:; Crux on S3/SQS:


There is quite a lot of the S3 API still left to implement, but the basics are all there, and seem to work well with the Cognitect AWS client.