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Mini Vega Chart library (alpha version) for Shadow-cljs projects. - that is forked from OZ, as a mini version, because at my larger projects.. I had a dependency hell (conflicts which I can’t manage..).

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I did something similar yesterday. Moving from creating static html, to react component instead.

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Yes, I started a same way. I was happy with OZ, just not compatible with our architecture. I think, shadow-cljs is a cool thing, easy setup npm libs. Create nice projects


Oz-lite? πŸ™‚

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In my case or would be re-oz or something.. Building it into the router so a certain diagram can be easily shared. Very specific, not generic enough to make it a separate lib I think. Although line plots comparing different 'flavours' along a time related y-axis might be one of the most common graphs..

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This week on we talk with @cfleming about setting up Cursive for #clojure and #clojurescript development.

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released the Small Clojure Interpreter v0.0.10:

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