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Abhinav Sharma13:10:13

Hello, I came across a curious behavior in Cursive today. Even though the functions like f.a.denormalize/add-union! are defined as private - Cursive still suggests them for code-completion. As far as I understand, the private defs shouldn’t be coming up there - or am I missing something here? I’m on fulcro-3.0.4 and here’s the def for reference


its fine to complete on private methods, you can actually call them using a trick: (#'some-ns/private-fn "bla")


I see private is more a hint of "this may not be supported on future" than a hard "you can't call this"

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There's a #cursive channel as well. Although I think Colin (cursive programmer) is pretty busy at the moment.

Abhinav Sharma14:10:15

Ah, I see - thanks @U066U8JQJ and @U0D5RN0S1 ( yeah, the cursive channel is jam packed already and I just had a minor doubt 🙂 )

Abhinav Sharma14:10:46

@U066U8JQJ, but I think that then there’s no way to distinguish from outside whether a function if private or not?


@U2BU9G0LT just navigate to the source and check it :)

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(-> #'not-my/function meta :private)

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