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@daslu was it you that made that happen? Thank you! ❤️

Daniel Slutsky11:10:30

Yes, inspired by your tweet! 🙂 @mkvlr


really looking forward to that

Daniel Slutsky11:10:19

The meeting will hopefully happen near the end of November, maybe a little later.

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I'm not sure how many folks here are on the Zulip data-science streams, so I think it is a good idea to announce the new Saite here as well. Here's a link to the Zulip announcement: There is now a new "preamble" note at the github repo on installing and running That's pretty minimal, but if you go through the presentation document (URL given in both Zulip stream and github) that will give a decent live interactive "walk through". The biggest things in this release are turnkey support for Neanderthal @blueberry on Linux and Mac (I hope to have Windows soonish), dynamic dependencies so you can pull in your favorite libraries, and a self installing JAR. Also there is a new doc that shows use of Neanderthal and Kixi Stats, URL: Grab the JAR: wget, run the install, fire up the server and then grab the example docs (via URLs) and start hacking! 😄

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you forgot to deploy hanami 10.12 to clojars 😉

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I will do that - in theory that should not matter if using the uberjar indicated above as everything to run is in there