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Good Morning!


all go today - production issue, after production issue...


oh - and there goes our pagerduty alerts

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Good luck!


Thanks all - problems solved!


for now! 🙂


We had a prod issue today, where we thought all of our systems were down because nothing was coming through. Major panic. Turns out the provider closes shop on Columbus Day and isn’t running their batch jobs on US public holidays … So I guess there’s a human behind our API calls?


Or there’s someone who’s job it is to press a button >_<…


We learned pretty quickly when that was the case, because the dates in the files didn't have consistent names.


Oh, and they sometimes uploaded the personal data unencrypted.

Wes Hall17:10:14

@folcon It's also my job to press a button, only I have to do it lots of times, and in the right order 😉

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Wes Hall17:10:23

I definitely sympathise with some of this stuff though, when I was working in payments we had to upload a settlement file to the bank each day over FTP (!!), if they failed to parse or process the file they would just fax (!!) us an letter that said, "there was an error in your file". The implication was, we might have transfered some of these payment, or none of them, or all of them, we don't know.... good luck though!

Wes Hall17:10:31

So, thoughts and prayers to you all 🙂


Not sure how many of you have been following along with the Meetup sites price charges for attendees... It looks like freeCodeCamp are finally going to come up with a free platform option


As long as I am involved in running the London Clojurians meetup events, we won't be charging for events. If tries to force payment, then I'll set up an alternative. We use predominantly for reach. It's a website where people can easily find our group. If there is a blanket charge for events, I suspect another service will become more popular and we will join that service.

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Abhinav Sharma22:10:45

Any chance it'd be on YT?


I am unsure what you mean by YT? Does that mean YouTube? The study group I run is on YouTube at I don’t see how the coding dojo’s would work on YouTube as it’s done in numerous groups of 2-3 people, plus there is no sign up tooling for the organisers. We would also have to use Eventbrite or other event service. We don’t seem to do enough talks for it to be worth a YouTube channel.

Abhinav Sharma16:10:44

Yeah, I meant YouTube. I see about the organization, I’m quite interested in starting a study group in New Delhi, India. Most of the clojure activity seems to be down south in Bangalore I think. Anyways, your YT channel has been a good source of ideas for the same 🙂


Yes, I think there are many types of events you could do via YouTube. A study group, talks, guided workshops could all be done. Setting up a YouTube channel is fairly easy, although you have to wait 24 hours for it to be activated. Navigating around YouTube has its own uniqueness, but simple once you do things the way it wants you too. Happy to discuss further. Feel free to send me a direct message if you want to discuss. Thanks

Abhinav Sharma01:10:16

Siunds great 😊