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@aengelberg, sorry for leaving you hanging. It is just that I have no clues and just don’t know how to approach the issue. But there is hope. I just saw activity from someone in-the-know on this ticket:


Whoa, hey @pez. Long time no see, hope you're doing fine. simple_smile I just noticed there are a lot of issues occurring with WSL, and I was the one who worked on it. 😅


I think the main reason is due to the Remote Development Extension. When I added support for WSL, this extension didn't exist before.


So things are now different. The useWSL flag should be avoided if using this extension.


There you are, @andres.rodriguezhn! I just summoned you on Github. 😃


In fact, with this extension, any special logic I added for WSL should be removed. I believe it should now work without adding any special validations.


I was wondering about that, thanks for confirming


PR welcome! Both @c.fehse and @slack1038 are Windows users (well at least CF has WIndows available) so we should be able to work together to remove confusion and get this WSL business in some control.


I have been a little busy lately but I will try to make some time for this, seems like plenty of people need it! simple_smile


I'm glad to have checked on the status of this project after I received a notification from @c.fehse when he closed this issue I opened 8 months ago haha


Also glad to see that it's still going strong :)


@aengelberg This is an issue with vscode 1.39.1. The bug is filed and the fix is merge there. Should be fixed in the next in recovery release of vscode coming this week.


cool, thank you!


Happy to have your attention on this @andres.rodriguezhn!


@andres.rodriguezhn I just created a PR which addresses this flag. I think the flag can make sense if you starts a repl in wsl and connects from windows to it. If vscode is used with the wsl extension the flag is now ignored.


I think that a part of the fix should be to make it as clear as possible what's going on. Are there cases where this flag doesn't matter and where the user might get the impression that it matters? A good place to start is probably in the documentation of using Calva with WSL. So first we write down, in docs/readthedocs/source/, how we think would be a good way that it works. And then we look at the implementation so that it adheres to the documentation.


But first we merge my PR because the current implementation is harmful and breaks the definition provider is the flag is when it should not be set. gg

Tamizhvendan S11:10:25

@pez Do we have any single command to restart the running REPL? Currently, I am using Ctrl+C in the terminal and then jack-in again.


Jack-in will do it. (I.e. you can skip the ctrl+c there.)

Tamizhvendan S01:10:47

Thanks 🙂

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@andres.rodriguezhn, can you help us test this VSIX? It has @c.fehse’s fix for not letting the useWSL setting mess things.


Calva 2.0.51 is out! Containing the latest batch of improvements by @c.fehse

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just fyi to all on a bogey. Associate tried to jack-in a clojure project, and was having problems, and it ultimately was because of a stale version of VS-Code. We both run arch, so are updating with AUR packages, and his was a couple of months out of date. Calva must be pretty bleeding edge.... :face_with_cowboy_hat: