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@richiardiandrea somebody suggested lenovo t495, haven't used one myself

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Was wondering how it compares and if it makes sense to go for it in order to avoid security surprises 😃


There are probably similar security surprises with Ryzen:


Oh thanks for sharing


The last part of the paragraph is what I am aiming for 😃


My skepticism makes me read that as "we haven't found the other issues yet" 😜


Still, I hope you'll report back about your experience if you do go down that route. I for one would be quite interested to hear how it compares. Especially for Clojure dev 🙂


Good bang/buck ratio with Ryzen though.


@U06B8J0AJ so would you say that intel hasn't adjusted their prices sufficiently in response already then? ryzen stuff has now been out for around 2 years, no?


for a notebook i wonder whether it's likely customers can get much savings overall -- i wonder whether makers would just try to absorb any possible savings. for a desktop or other self-built thing, may be it's a different story.


Intel has been forced down a bit, but I understand that the Ryzen 3xxx parts are very competitively priced for what you get.


ah, thanks for that.


And finally go head to head and at times surpass Intel, performance wise.


When I look for a laptop I seem to always come back to either Dell, or system76. Everything else seems too fringe. I tend to have confusing constraints, I always work with two 4k monitors at home, but 1 day a week I'm in the office with just the laptop. I run a lot of docker containers, ide, chrome, so I do use all of my 32G of Ram


I was looking at Lenovos but they don't seem to have zen 2 arch yet


Maybe it’s my Clojure centric world view, but it seems like so much is converging on React that they might as well build it into the web browser.


At least here the Netherlands frontend is most often Angular 😞


I have only looked at Angular 1 way back when, I’m told it’s shaped up a bit since then.


It would make sense to me that they build in the concept of "shadow DOM" into browsers, formalize the notion of having a bunch of DOM manipulations made via Javascript logic, then "committed" (at which point the diffs are calculated, and miminal effort is made to render the actual changes)


I'm not entirely sure if React includes more than this. 😄 My only React experience is via Reagent


That would be fine for something built into the browser I think. Yeah, presumably it could be made quite speedy if written in, for example, Rust (in the case of Firefox).


react includes way more than that 🙂


the virtual-dom is the uninteresting part of react.


Out of morbid curiosity, what's the 10-second tour of React, the stuff between shadow-DOM and Redux (not-inclusive)?


But maybe it’s the most generally applicable part of it.

Alexander Heldt21:10:44

anyone here reading programming (or anything non-fiction) books on a table or something like a kindle? any opinions? i want to get a device to read programming books but can’t figure out if kindle is good enough. i don’t think i want to take annotations on the device


I just get all my books in PDF form and then I can read them on any device or computer I have available (even my little iPhone although that's a bit of a strain on the eyes).


i use an onyx max 2 -- it's slow and not nearly as reliable as other mainstream options, but as seancorfield has hinted at, the eye experience is way better. when my eyes start hurting, this is what i use. the mobileread forums are a pretty good place to learn more about this type of thing.


imo, the annotation story on these e-ink devices is not good (with stories of data loss), so if that's important, a fair bit of care might be helpful, but care may not be sufficient.


if you read lots of pdfs with diagrams the remarkable is expensive but highly regarded

Alexander Heldt21:10:50

that seems like a great product, thanks for the tip


@chepprey the event stuff is pretty nice. You quickly forget how nasty DOM events really are (e.g. checkboxes don't have an onChange event normally!).

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Most of the clones don't have that.


That’s true. And different behavior, firing order and so on, in different browsers and browser versions.


amazingly, I can't find a single "features list" for react which includes that.

dominicm21:10:55 this one has "simplicity" and not events.


but there's also a lot around how they provide things like refs, portals, hooks, etc. The reduced number of foot-guns for interacting with javascript.


That stuff I don’t actually see much of when working from ClojureScript, so I’m less aware of it as a major selling point.