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Any plans for datomic supporting java.time.Instant natively?


hi ppl, I am having a hard time to perform an aggregation. I have a value (float) and date (instant) attributes and want to perform a aggreation by sum of values grouping by date


Today my cloudwatch log is full of messages that says RestartingDaemonException "Message": "Unable to load index root ref <uuid>", with two different uuid's. Do you know what could be the cause of that, and how can I repair it?


Is it possible to work with temporary files with Ions? e.g. for resizing images before uploading to S3. I'm hoping I can write to (System/getProperty "")


@ghadi regarding yesterday's conversation: the output of the aws sts get-caller-identity returned seemingly expected results of <bunch of numbers> arn:aws:iam::<bunch of numbers>:user/<aws-usename> <hash>


@alexmiller regarding yesterday's conversation: my coworker exported those variables as per your suggestion (has no settings.xml file) and it still failed in the same was as before with an "access denied"


I have some questions regarding the implications of datomic's licensing if I want to offer my own software as an enterprise offering (and it depends on datomic). Is this an appropriate place to ask?


Sure. Alternatively you can email <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>


The long and short of it is basically - if I have an application that depends on datomic and a customer wants to use my application on prem, but they will not be accessing datomic outside of my application, does the $5K/year/server fee apply? ie. Does each of my (enterprise) customers then effectively run me $5K out of the gate?


The Datomic On-Prem license does not provide distribution rights, so you can’t ship the Datomic bits as part of your application If you want to do that, we are happy to negotiate an OEM Enterprise license to cover that use case If you’d prefer not to go that route, the other option is to have your end customers purchase a license from us for their on-prem installation of Datomic

Msr Tim15:10:04

any reason there are 2 options each in subscribe. Which one should i choose?


this is an issue with the AWS Marketplace. Choose the one with the latest release. Usually it is the first in the list

Msr Tim17:10:10

ok. Now they are in random order.

Msr Tim17:10:29

what happens if i choose the wrong one?

Msr Tim17:10:42

i can't tell them apart


the versions in each one will differ


so if you’re looking for the latest (512-8806), you will only find it under one of the choices

Msr Tim17:10:30

gotcha. I can see version in next step. :thumbsup:


Is there a way to retract an entity’s attribute, no asked? To “upsert” a :db.cardinality/one attribute we can just transact a new value, but for a :db.cardinality/many attribute doing so appends, necessitating a retraction beforehand. But :db/retract requires an old value, which means we need to do an additional query. Can we avoid that?


That sounds like you want tx-functions


Specifically, the :db.fn/reset-attributes says > The special value nil will retract all values of the attribute.


Ah OK, I was hoping there’d something built-in to datomic