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com.walmartlabs/lacinia 0.29.0 and lacinia-pedestal 0.10.0 Lacinia is an open-source implementation of Facebook's GraphQL specification, in Clojure. GraphQL is an outstanding approach to getting diverse clients and servers exchanging data cleanly and efficiently. GitHub repo: Documentation: Featured changes in 0.29.0: - Updates to support June 2018 revision of the GraphQL spec - Improved support for injecting documentation and other values into a schema - Support for block strings in query and schema documents - Support for strings/blockstrings as schema element descriptions - Fix compatibility with Clojure 1.8 lacinia-pedestal provides the Pedestal support to expose web endpoints backed by Lacinia's GraphQL. GitHub repo: Documentation: Featured changes in 0.10.0: - Compatibility with lacinia 0.29.0 - Added a spec for the service-map function - Split up the default interceptor chain somewhat, to support server-side queries in the future

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