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How do I log incoming request params so that I can debug why I am getting a nil response?


That says syntax error on line 32 of app.clj... @grierson


@seancorfield I manged to work it out, it's because compojure was destructing request looking for a :request key causing nil to be passed into the handler. However being able to log the incoming request and params would of helped.


I’m not sure lib-noir should still be used, but there was a question asked on SO: Maybe someone can recommend a better current day approach


Seems to me that lib-noir is very old and abandoned


is it possible to maintain order for a map in a response while utilizing the compojure api "return" parameter with a defined schema? I'm running into an issue where I would like to validate the outgoing response but when I do this it re-orders it


@dbernal maps aren’t ordered collections


if you want to have a specific order, use a seq of tuples or a sorted-map


@borkdude I have a sorted map but the problem I'm having right now is that when I coerce a response value through compojure api it seems to re-order my map and I haven't been able to get around that. When I take off the coercion it maintains the order