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Hi! Here in Magnet we’ve played a bit with Conformity - a migration library by @avey_q. However we’ve had some issues with transactions getting reapplied unexpectedly so we’ve developed a simplified, atomic version of it. We haven’t explored Ragtime by @weavejester yet, but in case it’s useful for some of you, there it is lying.


Hi there, in case you wonder which Java JDK you'll need to use when Java 11 will be out, the folks at jClarity ERRATA: the java champions did an awesome summary on all the available options (both free & paid) within this document cleverly named "Java is still free": 🙂


There is also a *Java is still available at zero-cost* blog post that summarizes the jClarity info


Apache MXNet 1.3.0 is out along with the Clojure bindings! - The jars are out on maven central If you are interested or need help. Head on over to the #mxnet room