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Hi! Here in Magnet we’ve played a bit with Conformity - a migration library by @avey_q. However we’ve had some issues with transactions getting reapplied unexpectedly so we’ve developed a simplified, atomic version of it. We haven’t explored Ragtime by @weavejester yet, but in case it’s useful for some of you, there it is lying.

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Hi there, in case you wonder which Java JDK you'll need to use when Java 11 will be out, the folks at jClarity ERRATA: the java champions did an awesome summary on all the available options (both free & paid) within this document cleverly named "Java is still free": 🙂

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There is also a *Java is still available at zero-cost* blog post that summarizes the jClarity info


Apache MXNet 1.3.0 is out along with the Clojure bindings! - The jars are out on maven central If you are interested or need help. Head on over to the #mxnet room

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