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I’d restrain from using clj-refactor.el at first in the interest of you having a smoother sailing.


Once you get more comfortable with Emacs you can move to adopting it.


Hi folks, anyone who uses paredit know if it's possible to unwrap a sexp:

|(x y z)    =>   |x y z
Specifically, this is a forward unwrap, like smart-paren's sp-unwrap-sexp. I know there is paredit-splice-sexp but that unwraps the surrounding sexp, and is not as useful because navigating sexps usually leaves you at the beginning, not inside.


Couldn't find it. A composite custom command could search-forward-regexp one of ([{", then call paredit-splice-sexp


Thanks for the response! That actually sounds fairly straight forward. But luckily, I was able to just bring in smartparens' sp-unwrap-sex without it interfering with paredit.


Yeah, generally most SP functions (or any given mode's) don't need the mode to be active