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I'm tempted to try join in, but I know that life sometimes gets in the way so wouldn't be able to guarantee "perfect attendance" 🙂 It's possible I may even drop off the face of the planner at times. Wondering about doing something similar, but not referring to it as 100 days of code (like a basic study plan and learning journal). Psychology it might not have the same impetus though.

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Rachel Westmacott09:09:56

could you do 100 non-contiguous days?


i believe the (even) official rules say one can skip 1 day (and append 1) but not 2 consecutive days. also if you already know of a day that will be hard, one can just state this day/week/whatever upfront. something like family holiday should not prohibit you from doing a round.


I'm kind of a admin/devops guy (or slipped in to be one) and recently (~6months ago) decided to get (WAY more) into coding. I found myself spending too much time in learning by reading and re-reading and I also had no real goals to achieve with my coding work which was probably main cause for me to not code at home for days. this is my attempt to break this habit and just code.