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ClojureScript utility for Terraform released today:

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Announcing [dhall-clj/dhall-clj "0.1.0"], a compiler from Dhall to Clojure: Dhall is a non-Turing complete, typed functional programming language. Some usecases: modular and typechecked configurations, typed data language for the wire (has an efficient binary representation), CI orchestration

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More about Dhall in the language standard repo:


Congrats! And the first cc.qbits/ex user I see in the wild. Thanks for the mention btw 😉


Thanks a lot for making a great library :)


clj -Sdeps '{:deps {org.clojure/tools.cli {:mvn/version "0.4.0"}}}' -- Tools for working with command line arguments. Converted to .cljc to provide complete parity between Clojure and ClojureScript versions; added deps.edn for use with clj; drops support for Clojure 1.7 and earlier. Follow-up to #clojure


{seancorfield/clj-new {:git/url "" :sha "21ca1b27f46dc324be084ba839beca555aeda387"}} -- generate new projects with clj! Now supports various command-line arguments to control project creation / code generation. Follow-up to #tools-deps

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Announcing [com.vodori/chronology "0.1.0"]. Chronology is a small library for working with cron expressions and scheduling tasks. It provides infinite sequences of cron expressions (both forwards and backwards!) and provides a small layer to schedule functions as periodic tasks using core.async machinery.

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