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I'm trying spacemacs/fzf-find-files but as soon as I invoke the action it fails with FZF exited with code 2 How can I identify what's the problem? Of course, fzf works just fine in my terminal.


I dont have that command. Do you know what package it comes from ?


It's a command line tool I installed a long time ago: For spacemacs, there's fzf layer: I don't think I've done any special installation just added the layer to my dotspacemacs-configuration-layers


Ah, its a community layer, not part of Spacemacs itself. Looking at the code, it only seems to add a few functions and bindings and hasnt changed in 4 years, so not much to go wrong


Is fzf command line tool still on the Emacs path? SPC f e e should show the path and other environment variables. Its the only thing I can think of.


from emacs env:

from the terminal:
$ which fzf