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I don't get the test contextual action when I evaluate a deftest and press [Enter] on the result in the Output Panel. I am using latest reveal (1.3.273). The test runs fine if I use Cursive's "Run test under caret in REPL". Is there anything else I need to do or can you point me where to investigate? (Great tool, I love it, thanks 👍)


You can try running parts of it on the result of your deftest evaluation and see if it hits


Thanks for the pointer to that code. I'll check that now. I have figured out that the action menu for the namespace does contain test option, and works fine.


Strange that it doesn't work for vars though..


Thanks for your help, I'll investigate further. Have a nice weekend!

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OK, I had not loaded vlaaad.reveal.test anywhere, so the :vlaaad.reveal.action/test action was not registered in registry. I must have executed some code that caused vlaaad.reveal.test`` to be loaded by the time I tested the namespace. If I make sure vlaaad.reveal.test is required somewhere in my code, the test contextual action shows for Var and Namespace. Thanks again for your help. 👍


Hmm, you shouldn't have to load that ns, it's required in vlaaad.reveal