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reveal New versions of Reveal — and — are out! 🎉 This release was possible thanks to's funding. This release introduces a new, including: • UI to run and re-run tests and view results in a structured tree output; • Jumping between errors using Alt+Up/Alt+Down — no need to scroll through kilometers of output; • Contextual test action on namespaces and vars to make running tests easier; • Out-of-the box diffing for 2-element tuples and maps with :expected/`:actual` keys; • test sticker window that can be configured to run tests on the classpath (all or filtered like in cognitect's test runner) — see; Discuss in the thread here or in #reveal

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One more improvement that was possible thanks to work on test runner is generic component that can be used to define tree-looking inspectors. One example of how it works is the updated java-bean action that shows java beans as tree, making it much easier to explore java object graphs:


sory if the question is inappropriate in this thread, but is it possible to “jump” into the reveal window and manipulate cursor with vim (or ideavim)?


I'm not sure I understand the question, what do you mean by "jumping"? Changing focus?


If you are talking about interacting with reveal from another window, there is a, but it has higher granularity than manipulating cursors


lets imaging we have focus on the reveal window. Can we use vim bindings to manage our cursor? Or at least be able to select some text with keybindings (without the mouse)?


vim keybindings — no, using keyboard for everything in Reveal window — yes

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Lucy Wang09:03:50

Hi there, clj-statecharts, the state machine and statecharts library for clojure/clojurescript, has released 0.1.2 . Relevant changelog:

## v0.1.2 2022/3/1

- support eventless transitions on initial states
- update malli to 0.8.3

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Announcing first wide public release of lein-git-revisions 0.3.0, a yet-another-solution to using Git as source for your Leiningen project version! Main differences to prior art are extreme configurability and zero required interaction after initial setup. Supports SemVer, CalVer, direct git metadata, automatic version incrementing, environment injection, conditional metadata and just about everything else, really - it’s all just configuration. Code-to-documentation ratio is about 2:3 🙂

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A few quick notes: • Yes, this is probably very overengineered which may make it a bit hard to grok. Just ask! 🙂 • I don’t claim superiority to others, this is merely a new funky flavor of versioning ice cream - I kinda don’t have a proper story/reasoning why I even made this, I had a minor problem a few weeks ago and then it just kinda escalated… • As always, all feedback is highly appreciated! 🙇


clj-kondo v2022.03.04 New • Add linter :namespace-name-mismatch to detect when namespace name does not match file name. ( Fixed • :scope-end-row is missing on multi-arity fn args ( • analyze type hint in reified method • redundant fn wrapper false positive when using pre-post-map • False positive Insufficient input when using symbol call • relax linting in tagged literal forms • allow :deprecated-var config in ns form metadata • suppress unresolved namespaces in data readers config • lint as let Channel: #clj-kondo

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Why it might be the last one? 😨


I guess I watched the news too much this week...

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I removed that comment ;)


Oh, I was afraid you had health problems or something like that.


Luckily nothing that prevents me from doing my work

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Clerk – Local-first notebooks for Clojure – {:mvn/version "0.6.387"} has been released on Highlights in this release: • Add clerk/recompute! for fast recomputation of doc without re-parsing & analysis. See the video below for small apps you can now build with this, or the • 👁️ Normalize the viewer api to support full map form everywhere, see for an intro. • 🧮 Add reagent and js-interop to viewer api, see how to for a given result • 📊 Add d3-require to the viewer api. Example of defining a Various bugfixes and other improvements, full! For follow-up, I’ve just created #clerk. Here’s some 🐦 announcing the release, RTs very much appreciated! 🙏. P.S. Clerk turned one yesterday, by 🎂

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Just released antq ver 1.6.0, Tool to point out your outdated dependencies. Supported running behind proxies, and checking/upgrading installed Clojure CLI Tools:relaxed:

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