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Adam Helins06:03:09

Hi! Do you send an email of confirmation after applying for a talk? I submitted a proposal yesterday but didn't get anything.


Yes, we do. And you‘ve got to have it by now. 😁

Adam Helins07:03:33

I tried a second time ~30 min ago and still nothing, not even in my spams :thinking_face:

Adam Helins08:03:00

Oh I just did actually, this instant

Sandra Wichtrup08:03:52

😊 We just need little time for personal confirmation, because it's all handmade 😉 Thanks again!

Adam Helins08:03:52

No worries, as it is often an automated process, I wanted to make sure that everything is alright. Thanks, have a great day!

Sandra Wichtrup14:03:38

🕰️ Rrrrrring Ding Ding...Call for proposals closing ... tonight 👻! Thanks a lot for your fantastic submissions and support so far! 💕 We will definitely have great speakers, talks and .... a few more surprises, brain food, exchange and fun , stay tuned.

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Brett Rowberry19:03:02

Excited to hear what the topics are!